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      RS 40:476     


§476.  Power of housing authority to confer additional rights upon obligee

A.  A housing authority, by its resolution, trust indenture, mortgage, lease, or other contract, may in its discretion elect to confer upon any obligee holding or representing a specified amount in bonds or other instruments, or holding a lease, such rights as the housing authority determines are necessary or desirable in order to generate revenues or which it otherwise deems to be in its best interests and in furtherance of its purposes.  Such rights, which shall be exercisable upon the happening of an event of default as defined in such resolution or instrument, are cumulative of all rights otherwise conferred and may, in the authority's discretion, include any one or more of the following rights, which shall be enforceable by suit, action or proceeding in any court of competent jurisdiction, the right to:

(1)  Cause possession of any housing development of any part thereof to be surrendered to an obligee.

(2)  Obtain the appointment of a receiver for any housing development or part thereof and of the rents and profits therefrom.  If a receiver is appointed, the receiver may enter and take possession of the housing development or any part thereof and operate and maintain it and collect and receive all fees, rents, revenues, or other charges thereafter arising therefrom, and shall keep such monies in separate accounts and apply them in accordance with the obligations of the housing authority as the court directs.

(3)  Require the housing authority to account as if it were the trustee of an express trust.

(4)  Provide that, after foreclosure sale of the security therefor, the obligee shall be permitted to obtain a judgment or decree for any deficiency due on the indebtedness secured thereby and issue execution on the credit of the housing authority.  In such event, except with respect to any property developed with funds provided by the federal government, which shall not be subject to levy pursuant to any deficiency judgment unless the federal government shall have otherwise authorized, such deficiency judgment or decree shall be a lien and charge upon the property of the housing authority, which may be levied on and sold by virtue of an execution or other judicial process for the purpose of satisfying such deficiency judgment or decree.  At any such sale of the property by an obligee, either the authority or any municipality or parish with respect to which such authority has been established may purchase the property affected, or it or they may, prior to the institution of a foreclosure action or proceeding, or during such action or proceeding, make such payment or take such other steps as may be necessary to cure any defaults that may have occurred and such steps as may be necessary to protect the property of the authority or the public interest.

B.  If conferred, these rights and remedies of the obligee are cumulative and in addition to all other rights and remedies that may be conferred upon him by law or by any contract with the authority.

Amended by Acts 1950, No. 401, §19; Acts 1997, No. 1188, §1.

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