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      RS 40:490     


§490.  Tax exemption

A.  All evidences of indebtedness of an authority are issued for a public purpose, are public instrumentalities, and, together with the interest and income thereon, are exempt from taxes.  An authority is exempt from the payment of any taxes or fees to the state or any subdivision thereof or to any officer or employee of the state or any subdivision thereof.  The property of an authority is exempt from all taxes of the municipality or parish and from all other local taxes.

B.  However, except in the parish of East Baton Rouge, unless otherwise provided in Subsection C of this Section, the municipality or parish may:

(1)  Fix a sum which shall be paid to it annually by an authority for each housing project located therein;

(2)  Agree with an authority or government upon the sum to be paid by the authority for any year or years for a housing project or projects located therein;

(3)  Accept or agree to accept a fixed sum or other consideration in lieu of any such payment for any year or years; or

(4)  Agree that the authority shall not pay or be liable to pay any sum for housing projects located therein.

C.  Notwithstanding the provisions of Subsection B of this Section, the parish of East Baton Rouge and any municipality or school board in that parish may exercise any of the powers granted in Subsection B of this Section.  A housing authority in the parish of East Baton Rouge shall make payments in lieu of taxes to a school district in which the housing authority is located.

Amended by Acts 1985, No. 317, §1, eff. July 9, 1985; Acts 2003, No. 1163, §1; Acts 2011, 1st Ex. Sess., No. 12, §1, eff. June 12, 2011.

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