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      RS 40:512     


§512.  Annual reports of local housing authorities

A.  Within a reasonable time after the end of each fiscal year, each local housing authority shall prepare a report generally describing such authority's activities for the year then ended.  Such report shall contain financial statements fairly depicting the financial condition of the authority, its assets and liabilities, including contingent liabilities, and the results of its operations for the year then ended.  The report shall be approved by the local authority's board of commissioners and signed by its chairperson.

B.  The annual report of the local housing authority shall be a public record that is available for inspection and copying by members of the general public at the offices of the local housing authority.

C.  A local housing authority shall also file its annual report with the municipal or parish clerk, or equivalent official whose duties include receipt and custody of public records of the municipality or parish, promptly upon completion thereof.  Regional and consolidated housing authorities shall file annual reports with the appropriate officials of all participating political subdivisions.

Acts 1997, No. 1188, §1.

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