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      RS 40:515     


§515.  Immunity from personal liability of commissioners, officers, employees, and agents

No representative of a local housing authority shall personally be civilly or criminally liable:

(1)  With respect to any matter or act not directly committed or authorized by such person.

(2)  For any action, including a direct action or authorization, taken in good faith:

(a)  Pursuant to any rule, procedure, or system implemented by an authority to deny access to the authority's developments or property by unauthorized persons, including but not limited to any action to identify any person or to verify such person's authority to be present upon authority property, or to exclude or eject any person determined in good faith to be an unauthorized person.

(b)  With respect to disclosure or nondisclosure of information under R.S. 40:526 or any other law pertaining to the confidentiality or disclosure of information or records.

Acts 1997, No. 1188, §1.

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