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      RS 40:536     


§536.  Tenant commissioners

Tenancy in a local housing authority development or receipt of other assistance from such authority shall not preclude the appointment of any person to serve as a commissioner.  Notwithstanding any other Subpart of this Chapter, a resident or recipient of other assistance who is a commissioner may participate in any decision of the authority except a decision that specially affects his or her individual interests.  In the event that the appointing authority intends that a commissioner's appointment is made within the intention that such commissioner represent the persons assisted by said local housing authority, then his or her certificate of appointment shall so state.  In the event that any such commissioner so appointed and designated shall cease to reside in a development of, or otherwise cease to receive assistance from, the authority which such person serves as commissioner, then his or her term of office shall automatically terminate, and a successor shall be appointed to fill such vacancy in the manner provided in this Subpart.

Amended by Acts 1985, No. 317, §1, eff. July 9, 1985; Acts 1997, No. 1188, §1.

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