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      RS 40:54     


§54. Prerequisites for permit

           A permit shall be issued for burial within the state, for interment in a vault or tomb, for removal from the state, for scientific use, cremation, or other disposition without the necessity of a completed death certificate. However, no permit for the disposition by removal from the continental United States shall be issued by a local registrar until a certificate of death or stillbirth, has been completed by the parish coroner or a physician as required in R.S. 40:34.10(19), and has been filed with a local registrar. No permit may be issued unless and until all the regulations of the Louisiana Department of Health in respect to the issuance of the permit have been complied with. No permit shall be issued which would be contrary to the sanitary laws of the state.

           Acts 1979, No. 776, §1; Acts 2003, No. 657, §1.

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