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      RS 40:572     


§572.  Definitions

The following terms, whenever used or referred to in this Part, have the following respective meanings, unless a different meaning clearly appears from the context:

(1)  "Blighted area" means an area, other than a slum area, where by reason of the predominance of defective or inadequate street layout, faulty lot layout in relation to size, adequacy, accessibility or usefulness, submergence of lots by water or other insanitary or unsafe conditions, deterioration of site improvements, failure to install public utilities, diversity of ownership, tax delinquency, defective or unusual conditions of title, improper subdivision or obsolete platting, or any combination of such factors, the development of such blighted area, which may include some incidental building or improvements, into predominantly housing uses is being prevented.

(2)  "Federal government" includes the United States or any agency or instrumentality, corporate or otherwise, of the United States.

(3)  "Governing body" means the commission council, board of aldermen, council, board of commissioners, or other body having charge of the fiscal affairs of a state public body.

(4)  "Housing authority" means any housing authority created by or pursuant to the Housing Authorities Law of this state.

(5)  "Housing development" means any work or undertaking of a housing authority pursuant to the Housing Authorities Law or any similar work or undertaking of the federal government.

(6)  "Redevelopment project" shall mean any work or undertaking:

(a)  To acquire slum areas or blighted areas, including lands, structures or improvements the acquisition of which is necessary in order to assure the proper clearance and redevelopment of the entire slum or blighted area and to prevent the spread or recurrence of slum conditions or conditions of blight, thereby protecting the public health, safety, morals or welfare.

(b)  To clear any areas acquired and install, construct, or reconstruct streets, utilities, and site improvements essential to the preparation of sites for uses in accordance with the redevelopment plan.

(c)  To sell, lease, or otherwise make available land so acquired for residential, recreational, commercial, industrial or other use in accordance with the redevelopment plan.

(d)  To make provisions for the repair, renovation, or rehabilitation of buildings and structures in the area so acquired in accordance with the redevelopment plan.  The term "redevelopment project" also may include the preparation of a redevelopment plan and the initiation, planning, survey and other work incident to a redevelopment project and also the preparation of all plans and arrangements for carrying out a redevelopment project.

(7)  "State public body" means any municipality, parish, commission, board district, authority, other subdivision or public corporation, or other public body of the state.

Acts 1997, No. 1188, §1.

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