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      RS 40:582.4     


§582.4.  Designation of area

The department shall establish criteria which it shall use and which shall be used by governing authorities in identifying potential housing development areas giving consideration to each of the following criteria:

(1)  Approved pocket-of-poverty designations provided by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development under its Urban Development Action Grant Program or a successor program.  

(2)  Age and relative condition of area housing stock and nonresidential structures.  

(3)  Per capita income of area residents.  

(4)  Number of area vacant lots suitable for new housing construction.  

(5)  Conformance with the affected municipality's master or comprehensive plan and zoning ordinance, if any.  

(6)  Such other measurable criteria as are deemed reasonable and necessary to determine whether or not an area qualifies for a housing development area designation.  

Acts 1984, No. 292, §1.  

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