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      RS 40:582.5     


§582.5.  Duties and responsibilities of governing authority

The governing authority or its duly authorized designee shall agree and be empowered to do the following:

(1)  Hold a public hearing on the proposed housing development area after giving not less than seven days advance notice by publication of a notice at least one time in a newspaper of general circulation in the municipality.  The notice shall indicate the date, time, place, and purpose of the hearing and depict the boundaries of the proposed housing development area under consideration.  

(2)  Upon completion of the required public hearing, take appropriate official action to approve the housing development area or areas; to authorize submission of required information to the department; and to authorize at its discretion municipal or parish sales tax refunds subject to fulfillment of applicable regulatory and statutory requirements.  

(3)  Accept applications from persons proposing to restore, renovate, or rehabilitate existing structures or to construct new housing generally affordable for purchase by low to moderate-income families and individuals in department-approved housing development areas.  

(4)  Promulgate rules, regulations, and procedures to effectuate its duties and authorities.  

(5)  Assist the department in evaluating progress made in any housing development area within its jurisdiction.  

Acts 1984, No. 292, §1.  

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