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      RS 40:59     


§59. Delayed or altered certificates; allowed subject to department regulations

           The acceptance for filing by the state registrar of any certificate more than six months after the time prescribed for its filing and any alteration of any certificate after it is filed with the state registrar is subject to regulations in which the secretary of the Louisiana Department of Health shall prescribe in detail the proofs to be submitted by any applicant for delayed filing or for an alteration of a certificate. Notwithstanding regulations of the department regarding the proofs necessary for the alteration of a certificate, the state registrar shall permit alteration or correction of information supplied by the informant with the exception of the name of the surviving spouse on a death certificate within one year from the date of death. This shall not apply to typographical errors in the name of the spouse. Other errors may be corrected upon presentation of an affidavit stating the errant information and the correction thereto and bearing the signature of the informant, or if unavailable the signature of a member of the immediate family, unless the information was taken from hospital or other records, in which case, an affidavit executed by a member of immediate or surviving family of the deceased shall be sufficient. After one year from the date of death, all alterations and corrections shall comply with departmental regulations promulgated pursuant to this Section.

           Acts 1979, No. 776, §1; Acts 1987, No. 360, §1.

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