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      RS 40:592.2     


§592.2.  Declaration of purpose

The legislature hereby finds and declares the following:

(1)  There exist in many cities of the state economically and physically depressed residential neighborhood areas which, among other things, suffer from high unemployment, substandard and deteriorated structures, vacant and partially used lots, overcrowded housing, high crime rates, and other blighting influences and undesirable conditions.

(2)  The conditions extant in the above-described neighborhoods tend to discourage investment in the construction of new housing affordable for purchase by low to moderate-income families and individuals.

(3)  Since the economic and physical ills and problems of depressed residential neighborhood areas typically necessitate the infusion of tax-supported services, improvements, and assistance to relieve and remedy, it is a matter of public policy and concern that corrective measures be taken.

(4)  The purpose of this Part is to authorize governing authorities to acquire and resell or lease at its option vacant and undeveloped or unoccupied and uninhabitable real property at prices conducive to the construction of new housing generally affordable to low to moderate-income families and individuals, with such transactions to occur in residential neighborhoods as defined in this Part.

Acts 1984, No. 571, §1.

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