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      RS 40:690     


§690.  Metal beverage containers

A.  No person shall sell or offer for sale at retail in this state any metal beverage container so designed and constructed that a metal part of the container is detachable in opening the container.  The provisions of this Section do not prohibit the sale of or the offer for sale of the following:

(1)  A beverage container sealed with a laminated tape seal, even if the seal contains aluminum foil, if the seal is not rigid.  

(2)  Frozen beverage concentrate in all metal containers with detachable metal pull tabs, customarily and primarily purchased for dilution and for use within the home or for similar purposes.  

(3)  Metal beverage containers with pull tabs for milk-based products, soy-based products, or similar products which require sterilization and pressure in the canning process.  

B.  As used in this Section:

(1)  "Beverage container" shall include but not be limited to any sealed can containing beer, cereal malt beverage, mineral water, and soda water and similar soft drinks in liquid form and intended for human consumption.  

(2)  "Soft drink" shall include but not be limited to all beverages, whether carbonated or not, such as soda water, ginger ale, 7-Up, Hi-C, Coca-Cola, iced tea, lemonade, Pepsi Cola, Hawaiian Punch, Dr. Pepper, milk drinks when any flavoring or syrup is added, cider, cordial, carbonated water, mineral water, or any and all preparations commonly referred to as soft drinks of whatsoever kind, including any and all beverages referred to as soft drinks which are manufactured without the use of any syrup.  

C.  The penalties in R.S. 40:689 shall apply to violations of this Section.  

Acts 1990, No. 282, §1; eff. July 5, 1990.  

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