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      RS 40:700.5     


§700.5. Permit; application; fees; renewal

            A. The department may require all dealers who engage in the business of selling water treatment devices to the public to obtain a permit and shall provide by regulation for a reasonable time period in which to obtain such permit.

            B. The department shall have the authority to promulgate rules and regulations and to charge reasonable fees relating to the issuance of such permits. Any applicant which meets the criteria established by the department shall be issued a permit.

            C. Permits issued pursuant to the provisions of this Subpart shall be valid for one calendar year from the date of issue, unless revoked as provided in R.S. 40:700.6, and shall be renewed annually thereafter.

            Added by Acts 1983, No. 507, §1; Acts 2018, No. 206, §4.

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