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      RS 40:714     


§714.  Inspection; granting or refusing permit; grounds

A.  Upon receipt of the application and fee, the department shall make an inspection of the premises of the applicant wherein the drink or beverage is to be manufactured for sale or sold, and, when the provisions of the sanitary code governing the operation of bottling plants have been fully complied with, shall issue to the applicant a permit for the manufacture and sale of the drinks and beverages mentioned in this Section.  

B.  A permit may be denied at the time of the application:

(1)  If the establishment of the applicant is known to be in an unsanitary condition.  

(2)  If the water supply is known to be dangerously contaminated.  

(3)  If the applicant does not submit sufficient proof of competency to bottle soft drinks, malt beverages, or other nonalcoholic beverages.  

(4)  If the sanitary code has not been complied with by the applicant in every respect.  

Amended by Acts 1978, No. 786, §5, eff. July 17, 1978.  

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