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      RS 40:733     


§733.  Product quality

A.  All bottled water shall be from an approved source and shall not contain any constituent in quantities that may be injurious to health, as established by the department by rule.  All bottled water shall meet standards prescribed by the FDA in 21 CFR Section 103.35, except that the total dissolved solids limitation of Section 103.35(d) shall not apply to mineral water and except that bottled water shall not exceed 10 ppb of total trihalomethanes and 5 ppb of lead.  

B.  Except as provided in Subsection A of this Section, bottled water, including mineral water, shall not exceed any maximum contaminant level contained in R.S. 40:740(A), or any maximum contaminant level established by EPA under the Safe Drinking Water Act or established by the department by rule for any organic or inorganic chemical.  

Acts 1991, No. 623, §1.  

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