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      RS 40:737     


§737.  Labeling requirements

All bottled water shall conform to applicable federal and state labeling laws and be labeled in compliance with the following standards:

(1)  Mineral water may be labeled "mineral water".  Bottled water to which minerals are added shall be labeled so as to disclose that the minerals are added and may not be labeled "natural mineral water".  

(2)  Spring water may be labeled "spring water" or "natural spring water".  

(3)  Water containing carbon dioxide that emerges from the source and is bottled directly with its entrapped gas may bear on its label the words "naturally carbonated" or "naturally sparkling".  

(4)  Bottled water which contains carbon dioxide other than that naturally occurring in the source of the product shall be labeled with the words "carbonated", "carbonation added", or "sparkling" when the carbonation is obtained from a natural or manufactured source.  

(5)  Well water may be labeled "well water" or "natural well water".

(6)  Artesian water may be labeled "artesian water" or "natural artesian water".  

(7)  Purified water shall be labeled "purified water" and the method of preparation shall be stated on the label, except that purified water produced by distillation may be labeled as "distilled water".  

(8)  Drinking water may be labeled "drinking water".  

(9)  Any bottler, distributor, or vendor of bottled water whose corporate name, brand name, or trademark contains the word "spring", "well", "artesian", "mineral", or "natural" or any derivative of those words shall label each bottle with the type of bottled water as defined in R.S. 40:732 in typeface at least equal to the size of the typeface of the corporate name, brand name, or trademark, if the type of the bottled water is different from the type stated or implied in the corporate name, brand name, or trademark.  

(10)  The use of the word "spring", or any derivative thereof other than in a trademark, trade name, or company name, to describe water that is not spring water as defined herein shall be prohibited.  

(11)  A product meeting more than one definition as stated in R.S. 40:732 may be identified by any of the applicable product types defined in R.S. 40:732, except where otherwise specifically prohibited.  

(12)  Supplemental printed information and graphics may appear on the label but shall not imply properties of the product or preparation methods which are not factual.  

(13)  Each bottler, manufacturer, distributor, or vendor of bottled water shall register each separate and distinct type of bottled water with the department in accordance with R.S. 40:627 and R.S. 40:628.  

Acts 1991, No. 623, §1.  

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