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      RS 40:784     


§784.  Exemptions from Subpart

This Subpart does not apply to:

(1)  Flour sold to bakers or other commercial secondary processors, if, prior to or simultaneously with delivery, the purchaser furnishes to the sellers a certificate of intent, on a form prescribed by the secretary, certifying that the flour shall be used only in the production of flour or bread enriched, within the given establishment, to meet the requirements of this Subpart or shall be used in the manufacture of products other than flour or bread.  No purchaser furnishing this certificate of intent shall use the unenriched flour so purchased in any manner other than as stated in the certificate.  

(2)  Flour or bread which is made from the entire wheat berry with no parts of the wheat removed from the mixture.  In cases of flour or bread containing mixtures of the whole wheat berry and white flour or a mixture of various portions of the wheat berry, these products shall have a vitamin and mineral potency at least equal to enriched flour or enriched bread as described in this Subpart.  

(3)  Flour ground for the wheat producer when the miller is paid in wheat or feed for the grinding service rendered, except insofar as the mill manufactures toll wheat into flour and sells or offers for sale this flour.  In the latter case, this Subpart is applicable.  

(4)  Farmers in exchanging their wheat for flour or having it ground into flour and disposing of it for their own use or for the use of farm labor on their farms.  

Amended by Acts 1978, No. 786, §5, eff. July 17, 1978.  

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