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      RS 40:852     


§852.  Contents of label; required ingredients

Whoever manufactures for sale within this state, or whoever sells, or offers or exposes for sale or exchange any self-rising flour or compound intended for use as a self-rising flour, under any name whatsoever, shall securely affix or cause to be securely affixed to the outside of every box, sack, or package containing the flour or compound a label, distinctly printed in plain capital letters and in the English language, containing the name and domicile of the manufacturer or dealer and the percentage by weight of each of the chemical leavening ingredients of the flour or compound.  

This self-rising flour or any compound so styled, when sold for use, shall produce not less than one-half of one per cent by weight of available carbon dioxide gas and there shall not be contained therein more than three and one-half per cent of chemical leavening ingredients.  Otherwise, the flour or compound shall be considered adulterated.  

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