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      RS 40:971.1     


§971.1. Prohibited acts; false representation

            A. It shall be unlawful for any person to produce, manufacture, distribute, dispense, transport, deliver, or possess with intent to distribute or dispense any substance which is represented to be a controlled dangerous substance and which is an imitation controlled dangerous substance, or any controlled dangerous substance which is a counterfeit controlled dangerous substance.

            B. The provisions of this Section shall not apply to a law enforcement officer acting in the course and scope of his employment or to a medical practitioner, pharmacist, or other person authorized to dispense or administer controlled dangerous substances pursuant to this Part.

            C. Any person who violates the provisions of this Section shall be imprisoned with or without hard labor for not more than five years, and in addition may be fined not more than five thousand dollars.

            Added by Acts 1981, No. 914, §1. Acts 1993, No. 154, §1; Acts 1994, 3rd Ex. Sess., No. 34, §1; Acts 2010, No. 530, §1; Acts 2011, No. 100, §1; Acts 2018, No. 206, §4.

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