RS 51:1158.1     

§1158.1.  Contesting bonds; peremption

Every resolution authorizing the issuance of bonds by a corporation and any lease, the payments under which are pledged as security for bonds, shall be published once in a newspaper published in the parish in which the corporation is located or, if there is none, then in a newspaper having general circulation therein; provided, however, it shall not be necessary to publish exhibits to such resolutions and leases if the same are available for public inspection and such fact is indicated in the newspaper publication.  For a period of thirty days after the date of the publication any person in interest may contest the legality of the lease, the resolution, the bonds authorized thereby, and any provision therein made for the security and payment of the bonds.  After this time, no one shall have any cause of action to test the regularity, formality, legality or effectiveness of the lease, resolution, bonds and provisions thereof for any cause whatever and it shall be conclusively presumed that every legal requirement for the issuance of the bonds has been complied with, and no court shall have authority to inquire into any such matters after the lapse of this thirty days.  

Added by Acts 1972, No. 103, §7, emerg. eff. June 25, 1972, at 6:15 P.M.