RS 51:1252     

§1252.  Declaration of purpose

A.  The Legislature of Louisiana does hereby declare its findings regarding the state's role and responsibilities to foster the promotion of Louisiana as a place to visit and to encourage the development of the economy through expansion of the tourism industry.  

B.  The purpose of this Subpart is to enhance the state's economy by attracting tourists; to cooperate with the private sector tourism industry to generate business and trade; to provide expertise from the public sector, including colleges and universities; to design, plan, implement, and review the state's programs to entice the visitor; to utilize state funds set aside for these purposes to stimulate funding from local governmental and private sources for promotion of the historical, cultural, recreational, and scenic legacy of Louisiana; and to provide the visitor and citizen of this state with a greater awareness and understanding of Louisiana.  Further, the purpose of this Part shall be to provide, with the cooperation of the tourism industry and local tourist promotion agencies, a service to the visitor that is satisfactory and of high quality.  

C.  Therefore, it shall be the policy of the state of Louisiana to promote the health, safety, education, and welfare of the people through the Department of Culture, Recreation, and Tourism, and particularly through its office of tourism and the Louisiana Tourism Development Commission, by promoting Louisiana as a place to visit and travel; by encouraging economic diversification and increasing employment opportunities; by stimulating governmental and private financing of tourist promotion; and by fostering a greater awareness and understanding of Louisiana, its history, its potential, and its people.  

Added by Acts 1983, No. 688, §4.