RS 51:1258     

§1258.  Assistant secretary; qualifications; selection; duties and responsibilities

A.  There shall be an assistant secretary who shall manage, direct, and supervise the office of tourism.  The assistant secretary shall be a recognized professional who shall have at least five years professional experience in tourism and who shall have a background in marketing, public relations, promotions, advertising, management, or administration of a tourism-related business or agency.

B.  The assistant secretary is appointed by and serves at the pleasure of the lieutenant governor and is administratively responsible to the secretary of the department.  The assistant secretary shall be confirmed by the Senate.

C.  When there exists a vacancy in this position, the commission shall, according to its bylaws and procedures, develop a list of at least three but not more than five eligible nominees from which the lieutenant governor shall appoint the assistant secretary.  If the lieutenant governor fails to find an acceptable nominee from the list, he shall notify the commission in writing within thirty days and shall specify his reasons for rejecting the slate.  If such a rejection occurs, the commission shall develop another list of qualified nominees.

D.  The assistant secretary shall execute the following duties and responsibilities:

(1)  Employ, appoint, promote, assign and remove personnel and contract consultants necessary for the effective and efficient administration of the office, in accordance with applicable civil service laws, rules, and regulations, and with policies and rules of the department, all subject to budgetary control and applicable law.

(2)  Carry out and exercise those charges assigned to him by the secretary of the department.

(3)  Act as executive secretary to the commission in keeping full and accurate minutes of all transactions and proceedings of the commission, and in maintaining all of the files and records of the commission.

(4)  Submit to the commission for its review and advice a report on the major types of promotion and advertising contracts under consideration for use each fiscal year by the office.  This shall be done prior to the commencement of contract awards each fiscal year.

(5)  Formulate jointly with the commission and the secretary the master plan, or any modifications thereto, for tourism development.

(6)  Work closely with his professional staff, consultants, contractors, local tourist promotion agency directors, and representatives of private sector industry and nonprofit organizations to acquaint them with the plan and necessary strategies to promote the state, and to cooperate with these persons to maximize the benefits of public monies appropriated for promotion.

(7)  Accept, in the name of the office, any grant, payment, or gift of funds or property made by the United States or any department or agency thereof or by any individual, firm, corporation, municipality, parish, or organization for any or all of the purposes specified in this Subpart.

(8)  Advise the commission of the needs of local tourist promotion agencies and the industry; the potential of regional, national, and international markets; the changes occurring in the field; and the activities of the department and its programmatic offices and their programs and events.

Added by Acts 1983, No. 688, §4; Acts 1986, No. 464, §1; Acts 1997, No. 777, §1.