RS 51:1263     

§1263.  Requirement to evaluate effectiveness

A.  The office shall develop criteria and implement an ongoing means of measurement pursuant to R.S. 51:1255(14), whereby it shall monitor, study, and evaluate its promotional programs and events to determine their effectiveness in a particular market or of a particular medium, an advertising or marketing lure, or any feature or aspect of promotion expended from monies appropriated to the office.  The results of an effectiveness evaluation shall be made a part of the annual report, and the office shall adjust the direction of the master plan as may be necessary, as may be indicated or proven by its findings.  

B.  Such measurement means and criteria shall be based, in part, on specific program performance measures developed and refined by the department and the office, in cooperation with the Division of Administration.  

C.  The office shall have authority to contract with an independent, private firm, or a university business college or school to design the measurement means and criteria or monitor, study, and evaluate the performance of the programs and events.  

Acts 1986, No. 585, §1.