RS 51:1317     


§1317.  Legislative findings and determinations

A.  Because the legislature recognizes the existence of an emerging industry with the fifty year old and above demographic, it finds that the state has a role and responsibility in developing Louisiana as a desirable place of residence for this age cohort.  The legislature also recognizes that residents and tourists fifty years old and above spend a disproportionate amount of their disposable income on goods and services, which in turn creates new jobs.  In addition, tax dollars generated from these incomes provide a boost to state and local economies.  The legislature also finds that major aspects of this emerging industry are related directly to both tourism and economic development and that there should be a concerted effort by the state to focus on or serve the growing fifty year old and above market.

B.  Because the fifty year old and above demographic is a potential source of economic growth for Louisiana, the legislature determines it is necessary and essential to create the Encore Louisiana Commission to engage in developing, promoting, and marketing Louisiana as a destination for residents and tourists fifty years old and above.

Acts 1999, No. 1099, §2; Acts 2009, No. 342, §3.