RS 51:132     

§132.  Judgment; use as evidence; suspension of prescription

A final judgment rendered in any criminal prosecution or civil suit brought by or on behalf of the United States under its antitrust laws or by or on behalf of this state under this Part to the effect that a defendant has violated these laws, shall be prima facie evidence against such defendant in any civil proceeding brought by any other party under these laws as to all matters respecting which the judgment would be res judicata between the parties to the suit or prosecution.  This Section does not apply to consent judgments.  Whenever any proceeding, civil or criminal, is instituted by the United States, or by this state, to restrain or punish violations of its antitrust laws, the running of prescription of a private right of action arising under these laws and based in whole or in part on any matter complained of in the proceeding shall be suspended during the pendency of the proceeding.