RS 51:1602     

§1602.  Definitions

As used in this Act, the following words and phrases have the meaning ascribed to them in this Section except where otherwise provided in this Act or unless a different meaning is plainly required by the context:

(1)  "Coal" means anthracite and bituminous coal, lignite, and any fuel derivative thereof.  

(2)  "Conversion" shall mean the voluntary or mandated conversion of industrial and powerplant fuel requirements in the state from natural gas or petroleum to coal or other alternate fuels.  

(3)  "Department of Natural Resources" or "Department" means the Department of Natural Resources of the state of Louisiana.  

(4)  "Department of Energy" means the Department of Energy of the United States.  

(5)  "Exemptions" as used in this Chapter shall mean those criteria established through rules and regulations of the Department of Natural Resources, in accordance with federal law and in coordination with the rules of applicable federal agencies to permit a powerplant or industry, when feasible or in the best interest of the state, to postpone or avoid untimely use of coal or other alternate fuel or conversion of its fuel base from natural gas or petroleum to coal or other alternate fuel.  

(6)  "Other alternate fuel" as used in this Chapter shall mean some fuel other than natural gas, coal, and with the exceptions stated in the Federal Powerplant and Industrial Fuel Use Act of 1978, oil.  

(7)  "Person" means any individual, partnership, corporation, association, governmental subdivision, or public or private organization of any character.  

(8)  "Revenues" include fees, proceeds, moneys, receipts, and income derived for the account of the Department of Natural Resources in connection with any revenue bond project or arising from such project.  

(9)  "Powerplant" as used in this Chapter means a stationary electric generating unit consisting of a boiler, gas turbines, or combined cycle unit that produces electricity for sale or exchange or self-generated use.  

(10)  "Project Costs" means all costs necessary for the planning, development, acquisition, construction, extension, or improvement of a revenue bond project, including site acquisition and preparation and installation of utilities, architectural, engineering, supervising, accounting, inspection, legal, and financing fees and costs, preparation of feasibility studies and reports, interest on revenue bonds and notes during construction and for a reasonable period thereafter, establishment of reserves to secure the bonds and notes, and all other expenditures incidental and necessary or convenient therefor.  

(11)  "Revenue Bonds" means any bonds or notes issued pursuant to this Chapter.

(12)  "Revenue Bond Project" or "Revenue Bond Projects" means any one or more of the facilities authorized to be financed by the issuance of revenue bonds pursuant to the provisions of this Chapter.

(13)  "Secretary of Natural Resources" or "Secretary" means the secretary of the Department of Natural Resources of the state of Louisiana or such persons as he may authorize to act for him as provided in R.S. 51:1603.  

(14) "Secretary of Energy" means the secretary of the United States Department of Energy.  

(15)  "State Plan" means a program or plan of the state of Louisiana planned, prepared, established, and administered by the Department of Natural Resources to implement the intent and purposes of this Chapter.

(16)  "Support Facility" means any facility providing an intermediate coal or alternate fuel service essential or useful to the use of or conversion to such fuels by powerplants and industries, the availability of which will facilitate economical and orderly use of or conversion to coal or alternate fuel and inure to the benefit of Louisiana citizens using the products produced by the powerplants and industries which utilize the support facility, and which the secretary has determined is required by the public interest of the state to be either licensed by the state under this Chapter, or if no person is interested in obtaining a license and constructing and operating such support facility, is owned and operated by the department as elsewhere provided in this Chapter.  Support facilities shall include, without exclusion, facilities for loading and unloading, cleaning, blending, or storing coal or alternate fuel.

Added by Acts 1979, No. 605, §1.  Acts 1983, No. 705, §5, eff. Sept.  1, 1983.