RS 51:1702     

§1702.  Unfair advertising

A.  No rental referral agency or agency employee shall make any representation that any listing or group of listings is available for rent unless the listing or group of listings has been verified as available by the owner or his agent within forty-eight hours prior to the representation.  The availability of property described in media advertisements shall be verified within forty-eight hours prior to the appearance of the advertising.  

B.  Notations of the time and date of verification and the verifier's identity shall be recorded by the agency and made available for the inspection of the attorney general or any person from whom the agency has received a deposit or fee.  

C.  Failure to verify, document verification, or provide materials for inspection as required by this Section shall constitute an unfair trade practice under R.S. 51:1405(A).  

Added by Acts 1979, No. 407, §1.  Amended by Acts 1988, No. 625, §6.