RS 51:1732     

§1732.  Registration requirements for prizes, sweepstakes, games of chance, job lines, and loans

Any sponsor which solicits calls for a prize, contest, sweepstakes, reward, give-away, credit card, loan, or job information shall also provide the following information to the attorney general.  All other sponsors shall provide the following upon request of the attorney general or his representative or any district attorney's office:

(1)  For television, video, or any on-screen advertisements, a copy of the story board and videotape recording.  

(2)  For radio advertisement, a copy of the script and audio cassette recording.  

(3)  For print, a copy of the advertisement as produced for publication.  

(4)  For telephone-initiated solicitations, a copy of any script to be used by the salesperson making the call.  

(5)  For direct mail solicitation, a copy of the entire mailing.  

(6)  A copy of the sponsor's audiotext, prerecorded, or live operator scripts or other 900, 976, or any other pay-per-call service program messages, and a written transcript of the messages.  

(7)  A copy of the entire package of information, if any, as part of the goods or services to be provided to subscribers.  

Acts 1991, No. 808, §1; Acts 1992, No. 176, §1.