RS 51:1733     

§1733.  Other prohibitions

No sponsor shall:

(1)  Use advertisements or provide any pay-per-call services which are false, misleading, or deceptive in any manner or violate the provisions of this Chapter or any federal law or regulation.  

(2)  Solicit calls which are interactive that contain unnecessary repetition of information or employ gimmicks or any other means to prolong the length of a call.  

(3)  Provide untimely or out-of-date information.  

(4)  Fail to immediately disconnect any call when a subscriber hangs up.  

(5)  Cause a subscriber to be misled, deceived, or confused by the advertising for a 900, 976, or any other pay-per-call service or pay-per-call service itself.  

(6)  Provide any 900, 976, or any other telecommunication service which is incomplete, garbled, or of such quality as to render it inaudible or unintelligible.  

(7)  Provide any 900, 976, or any other pay-per-call service which is of such speed as to cause the subscriber to be unable to understand the information given and which encourages a second call to the 900 or 976 number.  

(8)  Attempt to collect for any 900 or 976 call or any other call made to a pay-per-call service when the subscriber no longer wishes to make a charitable or political contribution which was pledged or solicited through the use of such a call service.  

(9)  Report any subscriber's failure to pay to any credit reporting agency or consumer reporting agency for a 900 or 976 telephone call, or any other call made to a pay-per-call service when such call was solicited in violation of this Chapter.  

(10)  Advertise on television, between the hours of 6:00 a.m.  and midnight, the availability of messages or conversations which explicitly or implicitly offer or are intended to offer sexual stimulation or arousal.  

Acts 1991, No. 808, §1; Acts 1992, No. 176, §1.