RS 51:1904     

§1904.  Fire Fighting Solicitations

Any person soliciting donations, contributions or payments for goods or services to organizations which expressly or impliedly hold themselves out to be fire fighting organizations, publications of fire fighting organizations, or promoters of activities to benefit fire fighting organizations or fire fighting officers must disclose the following at the outset of the solicitation:

(1)  The actual name of the caller and the city, town, or parish and state from which he is calling.  

(2)  The exact name and principal business address of the soliciting organization or publication.  

(3)  The total number of active or retired fire fighting personnel who are members of each beneficiary organization or subscribers, in the case of a publication, and the percentage of these who are Louisiana residents.  

(4)  In the case of a publication, the total number of copies of the most recently published issue individually addressed and mailed to fire fighting officers.  

Added by Acts 1981, No. 849, §1.