RS 51:1906     

§1906.  Permits

A.  Any person desiring to solicit funds within a public transportation facility shall first obtain a written permit designating the times, dates, and area or areas where solicitation of funds is permitted from the authority responsible for the administration of the facility.  A written application for such permit shall be submitted to the authority and shall contain the following:

(1)  The full name, street address, mailing address and telephone number of the person or organization sponsoring, promoting, or conducting the proposed activities.  

(2)  The full name, street address, mailing address and telephone number of each person who will participate in such activities and of the person who will have supervision of and responsibility for the proposed activities.  

(3)  A description of the proposed activities indicating the type of communication to be involved.  

(4)  The dates on and the hours during which the activities are proposed to be carried out and the expected duration of the proposed activities.  

(5)  The number of persons to be engaged in such activities.  

B.  The organization sponsoring the proposed activities shall attach to the application a Section 501(C) tax exemption statement of the Internal Revenue Code showing it is a bona fide charitable organization.  

C.  The authority may require an applicant to include any additional information which it determines is reasonably necessary to identify the organization or persons involved.  The authority may effectuate appropriate restrictions on the hours and location of such activities and the number of persons involved in soliciting funds.  

Acts 1987, No. 274, §1; Acts 1987, No. 784, §1.