RS 51:2184     

§2184.  Revocation of registration

A.  The registration of a provider may be revoked, after notice and hearing, and upon written findings of fact by the department that the provider has:

(1)  Willfully violated any provision of this Chapter or any rule, regulation, or order adopted hereunder.

(2)  Failed to file an annual disclosure statement required by this Chapter.

(3)  Failed to make available to residents the disclosure statement required by this Chapter.

(4)  Delivered to prospective residents a disclosure statement which makes an untrue statement of material fact or omits a material fact and the provider, at the time of the delivery of the disclosure statement, had actual knowledge of the misstatement or omission.

(5)  Failed to comply with the terms of a cease and desist order.

B.  If the department finds, after notice and hearing, that the provider has been guilty of a violation for which revocation may be ordered, it may first issue a cease and desist order.  If the cease and desist order is or cannot be effective in remedying the violation, the department may, after notice and hearing, order that the registration be revoked.

Acts 1987, No. 483, §1.