RS 51:220     

§220.  Classification of trademarks and service marks

The following general classes of goods and services are established for convenience of administration of this Subpart, but not to limit or extend the applicant's or registrant's rights, and a single application for registration of a trademark or service mark may include any or all goods upon which, or services with which, the mark is actually being used comprised in a single class, but in no event shall a single application include goods or services upon which the mark is being used that fall within different classes of goods or services.  This Section shall not apply to trade names.  The said classes are as follows:

A.  Goods:

(1)  Chemicals

(2)  Paints

(3)  Cosmetics and cleaning preparations

(4)  Lubricants and fuels

(5)  Pharmaceuticals

(6)  Metal goods

(7)  Machinery

(8)  Hand tools

(9)  Electrical and scientific apparatus

(10)  Medical apparatus

(11)  Environmental control apparatus

(12)  Vehicles

(13)  Firearms

(14)  Jewelry

(15)  Musical instruments

(16)  Paper goods and printed matter

(17)  Rubber goods

(18)  Leather goods

(19)  Non-metallic building materials

(20)  Furniture and articles not otherwise classified

(21)  Housewares and glass

(22)  Cordage and fibers

(23)  Yarns and threads

(24)  Fabrics

(25)  Clothing

(26)  Fancy goods

(27)  Floor coverings

(28)  Toys and sporting goods

(29)  Meats and processed foods

(30)  Staple foods

(31)  Natural agricultural products

(32)  Light beverages

(33)  Wines and spirits

(34)  Smokers' articles

(35)  Miscellaneous

B.  Services:

(1)  Advertising and business

(2)  Insurance and financial

(3)  Construction and repair

(4)  Communication

(5)  Transportation and storage

(6)  Material treatment

(7)  Education and entertainment

(8)  Miscellaneous

Added by Acts 1954, No. 235, §2.  Amended by Acts 1968, No. 475, §1; Acts 1983, No. 87, §1; Acts 1991, No. 746, §1.