RS 51:2262     

§2262.  Investigations; powers; confidential nature of records

A.  In connection with an investigation of a complaint filed under this Chapter, the commission or its designated representative at any reasonable time may request access to premises, records, and documents relevant to the complaint and the right to examine, photograph, and copy evidence.

B.  Every person subject to this Chapter shall:

(1)  Make and keep records relevant to the determination of whether unlawful practices have been or are being committed.

(2)  Preserve such records for relevant periods.

(3)  Make such reports therefrom as the commission shall prescribe by regulation or order, after public hearing, as reasonable, necessary, or appropriate for the enforcement of this Chapter or the regulations or orders thereunder.

C.  The commission, by regulation, shall require each person subject to this Chapter which controls an apprenticeship or other training program to keep all records reasonably necessary to carry out the purpose of the Chapter, including, but not limited to, a list of applicants who wish to participate in such program, including the chronological order in which applications were received, and to furnish to the commission upon request a detailed description of the manner in which persons are selected to participate in the apprenticeship or other training programs.

D.  A person who believes that the application to it of a regulation or order issued under this Section would result in undue hardship may apply to the commission for an exemption from the application of the regulation or order.  If the commission finds that the application of the regulation or order to the person in question would impose an undue hardship, the commission may grant appropriate relief.

E.  To avoid undue burdens on persons subject to this Chapter, records and reports required by the commission under this Section shall conform as near as may be to similar records and reports required by federal law and the laws of other states and to customary recordkeeping practice.

F.  It is unlawful for a commissioner or employee of the commission to make public with respect to a particular person, without his consent, information obtained by the commission pursuant to its authority under this Section except as reasonably necessary to the conduct of a proceeding under this Chapter.

G.  If a person fails to permit access, examination, photographing, or copying or fails to make, keep, or preserve records or make reports in accordance with this Section, the district court for the parish in which such person is found, resides, or has his principal place of business, upon application of the commission, may issue an order requiring compliance.

Acts 1988, No. 886, §1.