RS 51:2462     

§2462.  Applicability to existing contracts

A.  The provisions of this Chapter, as amended by Act No. 387 of the 2007 Regular Session, shall apply to every contract executed on or after June 30, 2007, except as provided for in Subsection B of this Section.

B.  The provisions of this Chapter and rules adopted, as they existed prior to the enactment of amendments contained in Act No. 387 of the 2007 Regular Session may apply to contracts or advance notification that were executed or filed prior to June 30, 2008, however the employer has the option of amending its existing contract or at the time of the execution of the original contract or renewal of such contract adopting the terms of the Chapter as amended.

Acts 2002, 1st Ex. Sess., No. 153, §1, eff. May 1, 2002; Acts 2007, No. 387, §1, eff. July 10, 2007.