RS 51:36     

§36.  License; record of application; abstract

The mayor or the governing authority of the parish of location to whom application is made, as provided for in R.S. 51:34, shall endorse upon the application the date of its filing, preserve it as a record of his office, make an abstract of the facts set forth in the application in a book, properly indexed and kept for that purpose, which abstract shall contain the name of the person asking for a license, the nature of the proposed sale, the place where the sale is to be conducted, its duration, the inventory value of the goods to be sold, and a general statement as to where the goods came from, and make in the book a notation as to the issuance or refusal of the license applied for, together with the date of issuance or refusal and endorse on the application the date that the license, as applied for, is granted or refused.  The application and abstract shall be prima facie evidence of all statements contained therein.  

Acts 1986, No. 806, §1.