RS 51:6     

§6.  Inspection of records by state officers, etc.

All books, records, and other papers and documents of all persons, selling on commission any agricultural, horticultural, or other products of the farm, lake, gulf, ocean, or stream may be inspected at any time by the commissioner of agriculture and forestry, the attorney general, any district attorney of the state, or any assistant or representative designated by either of these authorities, for the purpose of:

(1)  Searching for evidence of any violation of law;

(2)  Correcting any improper or illegal methods that may exist or be practiced in the conduct of the business;

(3)  Determining the extent and character of any claim or complaint made by a shipper or consignor; or

(4)  Providing for the welfare of the public and upholding the laws of the state.

A written request shall be made to any of these authorities by the consignor or shipper, and such inspection may be made by the consignor, or shipper, in person, or through his authorized representative.

Acts 2009, No. 24, §5, eff. June 12, 2009.