RS 51:642     

§642.  Storage and sale; marking; further restrictions

No person shall offer for sale, sell, or otherwise dispose of, or distribute for use any matches, unless the package or container in which the matches are packed, bears plainly marked on the outside, the name of the manufacturer and the brand or trade-mark under which the matches are sold, disposed of or distributed.  

No more than one case of each brand of matches of any type or manufacture shall be opened at any one time in any retail store where matches are sold.  No loose boxes or paper wrapped packages of matches shall be kept on shelves or stored in retail stores where matches are sold, at a height exceeding five feet from the floor.  All matches when stored in warehouses shall be kept only in properly secured cases or boxes, and not piled to a height exceeding ten feet from the floor, and shall not be stored within a horizontal distance of ten feet from any boiler, furnace, stove, or other like heating apparatus, or within a horizontal distance of twenty-five feet from any explosive material kept or stored on the same floor.  

All matches shall be packed in boxes or suitable packages, containing not more than seven hundred matches in any one box or package.  When more than three hundred matches are packed in any one box or package the matches shall be arranged in two nearly equal portions, the heads of the matches in the two portions being placed in opposite directions.  All boxes containing three hundred and fifty or more matches shall have placed over the matches a center holding or protecting strip, made of chipboard, not less than one and one-quarter inches wide.  This strip shall be flanged down to hold the matches in position when the box is nested into the shuck or withdrawn from it.