RS 51:762     

§762.  Dealers; sale unlawful if boot or shoe unstamped

No person shall sell, offer or expose for sale, any boot or shoe with a counter, heel, in-sole, out-sole, middle-sole or slip-sole, made in whole or in part, of leather-board, straw-board, leatheroid, fibre-board, horn-fibre, pate, or any substitute for leather whatsoever, without clearly, legibly, and in the English language, stamping with a metal die in plain view, upon the outside of the out-sole of the boot or shoe, where and by whom such boot or shoe was made and what substitute for leather, if any, has been used; and in the same way designating each part where the substitute has been used, whether in the counter, heel, or in-sole, middle-sole or slip-sole.