RS 56:1801     


§1801.  Secretary of the Department of Culture, Recreation and Tourism; powers and functions

A.  The secretary of the Department of Culture, Recreation and Tourism hereinafter called "secretary", shall consult with and provide guidance to the heads of all state agencies on matters affecting recreation and shall be responsible for developing methods and procedures for improving inter-agency coordination in the development and implementation of state recreational policies and programs.  

B.  The secretary is authorized, directed, and shall supervise the preparation, maintenance, and upgrading of a comprehensive long-range, statewide plan for the development of outdoor recreation resources of the state which is hereinafter called the "plan", which will be prepared by its staff.  

C.  The secretary shall consult with and help establish policies and procedures to be utilized by the assistant secretary, office of state parks, hereinafter called "state liaison officer", in carrying out programs for all state agencies, parishes, municipalities, planning commissions, and subdivisions of the state of Louisiana who desire to take advantage of and participate under the benefits of the Land and Water Conservation Fund Act described in R.S. 56:1802.  

Acts 1980, No. 827, §2.  Amended by Acts 1982, No. 329, §2, eff. July 18, 1982.