RS 56:1844     

§1844.  Scenic Rivers Fund

A.  All donations, penalties, and permit fees collected pursuant to the provisions of this Part shall be deposited immediately upon receipt into the state treasury.  

B.  After compliance with the requirements of Article VII, Section 9(B) of the Constitution of Louisiana relative to the Bond Security and Redemption Fund, and prior to monies being placed in the state general fund, an amount equal to that deposited as required in Subsection A hereof and monies appropriated by the legislature shall be credited to a special fund hereby created in the state treasury to be known as the "Scenic Rivers Fund".  The monies in this fund shall be used solely as provided in Subsection C hereof and only in the amounts appropriated by the legislature.  All unexpended and unencumbered monies in this fund at the end of the fiscal year shall remain in the fund.  The monies in this fund shall be invested by the state treasurer in the same manner as monies in the state general fund, and interest earned on the investment of these monies shall be placed in the state general fund.  

C.  The monies in the Scenic Rivers Fund shall be used by the administrator solely for acquisition of servitudes, education, and the monitoring and enforcement of the provisions of this Part and any permits issued pursuant thereto.  

D.  The administrator shall, by rule, adopt a schedule of fees to be charged for the issuance of permits and renewals.  

Added by Acts 1970, No. 398, §1; Acts 1987, No. 606, §1; Acts 1988, No. 947, §1, eff. July 27, 1988.