RS 56:1863     

§1863.  Definitions

For the purposes of this Part, the following words shall have the meaning ascribed herein unless the context shall otherwise require:

(1)  "Dedicate" shall mean the transfer to the department of any real right or interest in any natural area to be held for the people of Louisiana in a manner consistent with the provisions, intent, and purposes of this Part.

(2)  "Department" shall mean the Department of Wildlife and Fisheries.  

(3)  "Natural area" shall mean an area of land, water, or air, or combination thereof, which contains an element of the state's natural diversity, including, but not limited to, individual plant or animal life, natural geological areas, unique natural communities, habitats of endangered or threatened species, ecosystems, or any other area of unique ecological, scientific or educational interest.  

(4)  "Natural area preserve" shall mean a natural area which is voluntarily dedicated.  

(5)  "Register" shall mean the written or oral agreement between the owner of a natural area and the department for designation of the natural area and for its placement on the register of natural areas by voluntary agreement between the owner of the natural area and the department.  The registration of a natural area does not constitute a dedication of the property.

(6)  "Register of natural areas" shall mean a listing of natural areas which are being managed by the owner of the natural area according to the rules and regulations of the department.  

Acts 1987, No. 324, §1, eff. July 6, 1987.