RS 56:1866     

§1866.  Registration of natural areas

A.(1)  The owner of any natural area may, if the department so agrees, register the natural area by entering into a voluntary oral or written agreement with the department for the owner to manage and protect the natural area according to the rules and regulations promulgated by the department.  If the owner agrees to register the area, he shall be given a certificate of registration and shall be committed to manage the area according to the terms of the agreement with the department.  

(2) The agreement may be terminated by either party after thirty days written notice.  The owner, upon termination, shall surrender the certificate.  Any first option to purchase the department may have entered into shall remain with the department unless the department shall relinquish the option in writing.  

B.  Any property acquired by the department or any other agency of the state or political subdivision thereof pursuant to any other authority in law may be registered according to the provisions of this Part.  

Acts 1987, No. 324, §1, eff. July 6, 1987.