RS 56:1925     

§1925.  Management

A.  The secretary shall develop a management plan for each site acquired pursuant to this Part.  The plan shall identify the significant resources to be conserved consistent with the purposes of this Part and identify the areas with potential for primitive recreation and educational uses.  The plan shall specify what types of management activities will be permitted, consistent with the conservation purposes of this Part.  The secretary shall make such plans available for review and comment by the public and other state, tribal, and local agencies.  The department may hold a public hearing in the vicinity of the site in order to receive the comments.

B.  The secretary is authorized to administer lands acquired pursuant to this Part and may enter into management agreements for these areas with other state agencies and local governments, and national, nonprofit membership land conservation organization, pursuant to R.S. 56:1831, when such agreements are consistent with the purposes of this Part and the site management plan.  Any moneys derived from the management of these lands or the exploitation of their resources shall be deposited in the Stewardship Account.  

Acts 1988, No. 492, §1, eff. July 9, 1988.