RS 56:1943     

§1943.  Route of Cote Joyeuse

The route composing the Cote Joyeuse, which is to be used as a route for the enjoyment of tourists of the Cote Joyeuse area, shall consist of the following:

(1)  Enter the corridor at the bend of Cane River Lake at Highway 1223 (also known as Rapides Drive or Mill Street) at the site of Fort St. Jean Baptiste State Historic Site, heading south.

(2)  Cross the railroad track to Woodyard Drive (also known as Fish Hatchery Road), which intersects Highway 1 south and head east.

(3)  At the intersection of Highway 494 and Woodyard Drive, turn right (at home of Mary Cloutier Fulton) and continue.

(4)(a)  Turn left at Bermuda Bridge from Highway 494, then right on Highway 119 and continue to the intersection of Highway 119 and Highway 493.  At the intersection, turn left to Melrose Plantation and continue on Highway 119 to Derry, ending at Highway 1, or turn right to Cane River Bridge and St. Augustine Church, ending at Highway 1.

(b)  At the Bermuda Bridge, instead of crossing, stay on Highway 494 until it intersects with Highway 484, and continue until it intersects with Highway 493 at St. Augustine Church and continue to Highway 1.

(5)  Follow Highway 1 south to Cloutierville, and turn left on Highway 495 across the Cane River Bridge, past Bayou Folk Museum and continue in a circle back to Highway 1.

(6)(a)  Enter from the intersection of Highway 1 south and Keyser Avenue and continue east on Highway 494 until crossing Pratt's Bridge, near Pointe Place.  Turn left and continue to the intersection of Woodyard Drive and Highway 494 (described in Subsections 3 and 4 of this Section).

(b)  At Pratt's Bridge, instead of crossing, turn left and follow Bermuda Road (Parish Road), where it circles and reaches the foot of Bermuda Bridge.

Acts 1989, No. 467, §1; Acts 1999, No. 709, §3.