RS 56:255     

§255.  Alligator records; inspections

A.  Every resident or nonresident buyer and every resident or nonresident dealer shall keep within the state a complete record on forms procured from or approved by the department of all purchases and sales made by him of whole alligators and alligator hides and skins, showing the number and kinds that were bought and sold, from whom purchased and to whom sold, the dates of purchases and sales, and when each purchase was made, giving all information to the department that it may require.  All records, books, and memoranda of each resident alligator hunter, resident and nonresident buyer, and resident or nonresident dealer, shall be open at all times to the inspection of the duly authorized officer of the department who may inspect the skins on hand at any time and check and verify the books, records, and reports.  

B.  Every buyer or dealer having raw, green, undressed alligator hides in his possession shall file with the department within sixty days after the date of purchase, prior to shipping out of state, or prior to tanning, whichever comes first, a complete report, on forms procured from or approved by the department wherein is set forth in detail the number of raw, green, undressed alligator hides, with a detailed description thereof, then owned or held in possession as owner or agent by the person filing the report forms.  The report shall contain the names and addresses of the persons from whom the hides were purchased and the place and date of purchase.  

C.  Violation of this Section constitutes a class three violation.  

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