RS 56:283     

§283.  Cooperative agreements; cost-sharing

A.  The secretary may enter into cooperative endeavor agreements with coastal landowners who qualify to participate in the program, whereby the following economic incentives are paid to trappers who have agreed to trap nutria on land of the coastal landowners which is experiencing damage or loss of coastal wetlands because of overpopulation by nutria, all on the following cost sharing basis.  

B.  Each coastal landowner experiencing such nutria problems and desiring to participate in the program shall submit to the department such information as the department may require concerning nutria destruction on his land and shall provide such security as the secretary may require to insure payment by him to the trapper of his portion of the economic incentive provided in Subsection C of this Section.  

C.  The cooperative endeavor agreement shall provide for cost sharing in that there shall be an additional one dollar economic incentive paid to trappers under contract with qualifying coastal landowners per nutria with a pelt of marketable fur trapped and sold from those lands of the coastal landowner which are experiencing damage or loss because of nutria overpopulation, as determined by the secretary.  The state, on a one to one match, shall pay fifty cents of the one dollar incentive per nutria trapped and sold, and the coastal landowner shall pay the remaining fifty cents, directly to the trapper for trapping services.  The agreements shall provide that this cost-sharing program shall remain in effect and payments thereunder shall be made only as long as the average market price which the secretary determines will be paid to the trapper does not exceed four dollars per nutria pelt.  

Acts 1990, No. 552, §1, eff. July 1, 1990.