RS 56:30     


§30.  Department of Wildlife and Fisheries; powers; duties; functions; periodic evaluation of fees and charges imposed

A.  The Department of Wildlife and Fisheries shall, at least once every two years, periodically review every fee imposed by the department or by the Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries Commission and every fee charged for issuance or renewal of every license or permit issued or renewed by the department or commission.  This review shall be conducted, as to each fee, license, or permit, at least every two years. The following items shall be included in the periodic review:

(1)  The actual costs and expenses incurred by the department and the commission in creating and distributing licenses or permits required by law.

(2)  The actual costs and expenses incurred in monitoring public compliance for licensing and permitting.

(3)  The monies actually received by the department or the commission as a license fee, permit fee, or other fee required by law.

(4)  Any other information regarding fees, licenses, and permits deemed relevant to the analysis by the department.

B.  A summary of each analysis by the department, together with recommendations for adjustment in a fee, license fee, or permit fee charged by the department or commission, shall be forwarded to the Senate and House committees on natural resources.

Acts 1995, No. 514, §1.