RS 56:302.9.1     

§302.9.1.  Charter boat license; skiff fee; charter fishing trip license

A.  For a charter fishing operation which does not have a charter boat fishing guide present, a charter boat license shall be required.  Such license shall be for a charter fishing operation which consists of a large motorized vessel carrying small skiffs attached to it with such skiffs to be used by no more than two people for fishing purposes.  The main motorized vessel shall be required to carry a charter boat license and proof of liability insurance, and the captain shall have a valid captain's license issued by the United States Coast Guard with the license on his person.  For those vessels which carry up to six skiffs, the license fee shall be one thousand dollars per year.  For those vessels which carry more than six skiffs, the license fee shall be two thousand dollars per year.  No main motorized vessel licensed under the provisions of this Section shall enter any wildlife management area managed by the Department of Wildlife and Fisheries.  The liability insurance required by this Subsection shall meet the requirement of R.S. 56:302.9(A)(2).

B.  In addition, each skiff shall be required to have a charter skiff license which identifies the charter vessel to which it is attached.  A licensed skiff shall only be used for fishing purposes while the charter vessel with which it is identified is located in Louisiana's territorial waters.  Each charter skiff license shall be issued for an annual cost of fifty dollars per skiff.

C.  The charter boat license and charter skiff license shall be valid for one year, beginning on January first of each calendar year and expiring on December thirty-first of the same calendar year.

D.  Each nonresident who fishes from a skiff attached to the charter vessel shall purchase a charter fishing trip license for a cost of thirty dollars per person, which license shall be valid for three consecutive days.

E.  Any person fishing in or with a licensed charter skiff shall have in his possession a copy of the charter boat license, a copy of the charter skiff license, and his charter fishing trip license.

F.  The Department of Wildlife and Fisheries may develop and promulgate rules and regulations necessary for the implementation of the provisions of this Section.

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