RS 56:303     


§303. Commercial fisherman's license; charter boat fishing guide's license certification; fees; place of purchase; information

            A.(1) A commercial fisherman taking fish, including bait species, from state waters or possessing fish in the state must purchase a commercial fisherman's license.

            (2) A commercial fisherman selling his catch directly to a consumer shall possess a fresh products license as provided in R.S. 56:303.1.1. In addition, a commercial fisherman selling his catch to anyone other than a consumer or a licensed Louisiana wholesale/retail seafood dealer must possess a wholesale/retail seafood dealer's license as provided in R.S. 56:306 et seq.

            B. The cost of the commercial fisherman's license is fifty-five dollars for residents and four hundred sixty dollars for nonresidents.

            C. A commercial fisherman possessing a commercial fisherman's license must comply with all provisions of this Part and all other Sections of Title 56.

            D. A commercial fisherman's license shall be issued only by the following:

            (1) The department during normal working hours. The license may be purchased in person at the Baton Rouge and New Orleans offices, at any district office located south of Interstate Highway 10, and at the fisheries office located in Bourg and the office located in New Iberia, or

            (2) Special certificate agents authorized by R.S. 34:851.37.

            E.(1) The department or the special certificate agent shall endorse a commercial fisherman's license or a charter boat fishing guide's license as "certified" upon presentation to the department or the special certificate agent of a notarized statement from the tax preparer certifying that based upon his most recent federal income tax return the individual earns at least fifty percent of his income from commercial fishing or charter fishing guide activities. The department shall maintain a list of those commercial fishermen and charter fishing guides who possess a license having a "certified" endorsement.

            (2) The Department of Revenue shall provide to the Department of Wildlife and Fisheries a list of the names and the social security numbers of those persons issued a certificate of exemption pursuant to R.S. 47:305.20(B) in accordance with the confidentiality provisions established in R.S. 47:1508.

            (3) The Wildlife and Fisheries Commission shall promulgate necessary rules and regulations to implement the provisions of this Subsection.

            F. A resident of this state who is seventy years of age or older may obtain a senior commercial fishing license for an annual fee of twenty dollars. The senior commercial fishing license shall be valid from January first of each calendar year until December thirty-first of the same calendar year. The license may be purchased at any time for the current license year and may be purchased after November fifteenth for the following license year. The license shall be in lieu of a commercial fisherman's license required by this Section and shall also serve in lieu of any commercial gear licenses that may be required by any activities engaged in by the license holder.

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NOTE: SEE ACTS 1986, NO. 904, §5 re: applicability on private ponds and lakes.